Terms and Conditions

Contest Terms of Participation:

1. OPTOYA S.A. (hereinafter referred to as the "Organizer" or "OPTOYA"), launches a Contest (hereinafter referred to as the "Contest"), which will be conducted with electronic means on the internet (hereinafter referred to as the "Website") or elsewhere in case the Organizer considers it appropriate at his own discretion.

2. All residents of Greece (only natural persons) have the right to participate in the Contest and more specifically adults at the age of eighteen or over the age of eighteen (18) who, according to current Greek legislation, have the right to act alone, without a power of attorney or the permission of another person or entity. Excluded from the right of participation are also the employees in companies of the Organizer and in companies and websites cooperating with him for the implementation of the Contest, as well as their spouses and relatives up to the second degree.

3. Whoever wishes to participate in the Contest is required to:

a. have purchased ZEISS ophthalmic lenses

b. have in his/her possession the new warranty card

c. have scanned the QR Code or

d. have entered the address www.meyeprotection.com on the internet, and have entered the spot of the Contest on the home page.

e. have completed the following information: name, contact telephone, email and ID (found on the warranty card)

Each contestant has the right to participate only for one QR Code

4. Participation in the Contest means unconditional acceptance of these Terms of Participation and presupposes the access of the participants to the internet by their own technical means. The Organizer and / or the companies and websites cooperating with him for the implementation of the Contest, do not undertake any obligation regarding the provision or assistance of internet access or the provision of relevant facilities to any participant regarding his/her participation in the Contest. Access to the Website of the Contest is permitted only under the operating conditions of the relevant server and the technical or other conditions and specifications of the Contest.

5. Furthermore, the Organizer will not be liable for any charge of the participants-users for the above reasons. The participants explicitly declare that they accepted the applicable terms and consequently waive any relevant claim against the Organizer. Moreover, the Organizer is not responsible for any damage that occurs on its page resulting in the temporary or permanent cessation of action or cancellation of some participations.

6. The participants acknowledge and accept that the Contest may be affected or temporarily suspended due to technical problems for which the Organizer is not responsible. A valid participation is any participation for which the following apply in total: (a) the participation is not, in the Organizer's sole discretion, a product of unlawful technical influence of the Organizer's systems or of fraudulent or unlawful interference by the participant or a third party; (b) the participation has been registered on the website during the Contest and (c) it includes all the required information.

7. Furthermore, the Organizer and / or any of his associates in the Contest will not be liable if due to technical reasons it is temporarily impossible to obtain and register the participation of any participant at the system of registration in the Contest and the nomination of the winner. In any case, the responsibility of the Organizer will be limited to acts or omissions due to deception or gross negligence and in no case will it extend to accidental events or events of force majeure. By participating in the Contest, the participants acknowledge, declare and accept explicitly and unconditionally that: (a) the email address which they state and which is automatically registered through their participation in the Contest does not belong to a third natural or legal person, but to themselves, (b) they are adults aged eighteen or over eighteen(18) years old and in accordance with current Greek legislation have the right to act on their own, without a power of attorney or the permission of another person or entity, (c) their personality is not offended or diminished in any way by their participation in the Contest in which they will participate with their personal data (name, postal and e-mail address, telephone, photo, or whatever else may be requested), (d) by participating in the Contest personal data, the right of personality or intellectual property rights of any third party relative or non-person are not affected, (e) expressly consent to the Organizer and his partner to use their personal data (name, email, telephone) in order to serve the Contest but also for other, future actions and for their information e.g. for their new products and services, (f) they provide their consent and authorization to the Organizer for the promotion of the Contest, to use photos of their participation and its results through any means and / or the internet at any time, without restriction. (g) they provide their consent and authorization for the advertising of any relevant event, without the obligation to inform in advance or pay any compensation (h) they resign from any legal or extrajudicial action against the Organizer and / or any of his associates if it is considered necessary that a participant is delisted from the Contest for reasons that are mentioned in the terms of participation.

8. The duration of the Contest is determined from 1 October 2021 (hereinafter the "Start of the Contest"), until 31 October 2021  (hereinafter the "Closing of the Contest").

9. During the contest, any comments that are defamatory, obscene, infringing on copyright or other rights of third parties or containing any illegal content will be removed from the Website as soon as they are found. Participants must act legally and within these terms, in accordance with good faith and fair dealing.

10. The "Organizer" reserves the right to cancel participations, if they do not meet the terms of participation of the Contest. Participants must act legally and with good fair and fair dealing. If the Organizer considers any action or behavior of a participant illegal or abusive or unconventional, then the Organizer has the right to cancel the participation and to exclude the participant completely from the Contest, even to cancel the gift subsequently.

11. All those who have participated in the action above with valid participations can participate in the draw.

12. The prize that the winners of the Contest will win is one pair of ZEISS BlueProtect UV lenses single vision. The redemption of the gift can be done from 1 November 2021 until 25 November 2021 only in the store  (address)  that has also won from the drawn.The gift is personal, with a strictly personal character, it cannot be transferred, it cannot be assigned and it cannot be exchanged for money or other gifts. The right to receive the prize cannot be assigned by the winner to any third party. Upon receipt of the prize, each winner must sign a relevant declaration of acceptance, carrying and presenting his / her identity card or passport, otherwise he / she loses the right to the prize he / she won.

13. The lucky winners of the Contest are announced by drawing lots at the Organizer's offices by the organizer’s selection criteria and are chosen among the legal participants in the drawing lots. Legal participants are those who agree with the specifications of the Contest and follow the prescribed participation procedure, in the period defined between the Start and the End of the Contest. The draw will be conducted by using electronic means in the presence of a notary, thus ensuring a random and inviolable selection. The draw and announcement of the winners will be completed within fifteen (15) calendar days from the end of the submission of the participations. If for any reason it is impossible to conduct the aforementioned electronic lottery on the aforementioned days, the Organizer reserves the right to change these days by prior announcement on its page or wherever the Organizer considers appropriate.

14. The names of the winners of the prize that will emerge from the draw will be announced on the website of the Organizer or wherever it is considered appropriate. The winners must confirm that they have been informed about their success and accept the receipt of the prize with the above-mentioned conditions, within fifteen (15) calendar days.

15. Those who participate in the Contest should provide their explicit and free of charge consent and authorization to the Organizer for the promotion of the Contest and / or its results through radio, television as well as through the printed and electronic press or the Internet. Thus, the organizing company reserves the right to use and publish for advertising purposes the list of winners, photos, films and videos and possibly to use any news item concerning this promotion for advertising purposes. Participation in this promotion automatically provides the consent and assignment of the necessary copyright free of charge.

16. The implementation of the Contest requires the creation of a personal data file which will include the names of the Participants, their e-mail address (email) and possibly other personal data. For this reason, the participation in the Contest and in the draw or draws thereof implies the provision of the explicit and unconditional consent of each participant in order to register and maintain these personal data in a file that will be created within the meaning of Law 2472 / 1997, as in force. The purpose of creating and keeping this file is on the one hand the conduct of the contest and the identification of its winners but also the subsequent, future information of all participants for any new products and / or services of the Organizer. For any exercise of the rights deriving mainly from articles 12 and 13 of Law 2472/1997 (rights of access, modification and objection for the processing of personal data), each participant can address a letter to the "Organizer" or contact by email info@optoya.gr  The details of the winners and participants will be stored in the database of the organizer and his partner after the end of this competition.

17. Participation in the contest constitutes unconditional acceptance of the terms of participation and implies the consequent waiver of any relevant claim against the Organizing Company and its partners for the implementation of the contest. Any additional announcement with instructions regarding the participation, which will be posted by the Organizer, is an integral part of these terms.

18. The Organizer bears no penal or civil liability to any winner or third party, for any accident that may occur and / or damage and / or for any physical or other injury caused to him, directly or indirectly related to the Prizes, the use of Gifts, the transfer of gifts, the storage of gifts, the assembly of gifts, the installation of gifts, the display of gifts or any other cause related to the prizes of the contest.

19. No participant has the right to use any mark, indication or emblem or in general any distinctive feature of the Organizer.

20. These detailed terms of participation in the contest are posted on a freely accessible website on the internet. The Organizer reserves the right to modify the terms of the Contest, the lottery and the method of awarding the prize, to change the offered gifts, to extend or shorten its duration, at any time and without notice, with or without the publication of a new announcement on the aforementioned website.

21. These terms are governed by and supplemented by the Greek law. Any dispute regarding the Contest is submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Athens.