Fog Free Lenses

Keep lenses clean and fog free.

Every spectacle wearer knows how annoying it is when your lenses fog up, e.g. when you come in from the cold and enter a heated room or want to enjoy a hot drink, cook, play sports or work using protective eyewear. Additionally, since wearing a mask in public has become the norm, there are many spectacle wearers who complain about foggy lenses because of the mask use too. The assortment of lens cleaning products from ZEISS now includes a new, unique care spray. ZEISS AntiFog spray is an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution which keeps your lenses from fogging up for up to 72 hours. This spray is suitable for both sunglasses and clear lenses.

AntiFog Mobile Image

1. Clean

your lenses. For better results use the ZEISS Cleaning Solutions Spray/Wipes

2. Spray

the special cloth with the ANTI-FOG Spray once or twice

3. Wipe

gently both sides of the lenses until they are completely dry

4. Repeat

the procedure within the next 3 days for completely clean lenses that do not blur